Best Pressure Cooker Price in India

Are you looking for best pressure cooker? If yes then you are in the right place. We have handpicked top-rated best-selling top pressure cooker price in india 2021, So you can compare and choose the best one for you. Which can help in kitchen.

Top 5 Pressure Cooker Price in India

A pressure cooker is a mandatory cooking unit of any Indian kitchen. It has a wide variety of uses ranging from cooking rice to frying vegetables. Choosing the best pressure cooker in India can be a tiresome task owing to the overabundance of brands and models in the market.

No.Products NamePrice
1Prestige Svachh 3 Litre Pressure CookerBuy Now
2Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure CookerBuy Now
3Geek Robocook Zeta5 5L Electric Pressure CookerBuy Now
4Master Aura Aluminium Pressure CookerBuy Now
5Pigeon Aluminium Pressure CookerBuy Now

Best Pressure Cooker

1. Prestige Svachh 3 Litre Pressure Cooker

India’s First No-Mess Pressure Cooker! Bring home a cooker that helps you keep the kitchen clean and safe. The Prestige Svachh No-Mess cooker comes with a unique lid that contains any spillage that might occur during the course of cooking and prevents the messy liquid from dripping down. Moreover, it comes with added safety features that make it one of the most reliable cookers.

Best Pressure Cooker

About Prestige Svachh 3 Litre Pressure Cooker

  • Unique Deep Lid which Controls Spillage
  • Mini Metallic Safety Plug
  • Durable Handles
  • Anti Bulge Induction Base
  • Controlled Gasket Release System
  • Gas and Induction compatible
  • Hard Anodized Body
  • Capacity 3 L
  • Warranty 5 Years

2. Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Use the 5-litre Prestige Popular aluminium pressure cooker to cook delicious meals while saving time compared to traditional cooking methods. Compatible with all gas stoves, this pressure cooker features Bakelite handles that ensure easy handling without the fear of getting your hands burnt. Its pressure regulator maintains proper cooking pressure to ensure that dishes are cooked to perfection.

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It also features a metallic safety plug and a gasket release system. With its polished finish, this Prestige cooker is an attractive addition to your kitchen apart from being a smart choice for healthy, flavourful meals that can be cooked fast. A heat resistant valve cap and a rubber gasket are included in the package. Use this pressure cooker to prepare a variety of dishes including family-favorite recipes to exotic dinner or lunch options in an instant.

Best Pressure Cooker

About Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker

  • Materia type: Aluminium
  • BASE: Aluminium base which is thick and machine pressed
  • It is the first level of safety feature to release pressure above 1kg/cm2
  • This is the 2nd level of safety provide in Prestige pressure cooker

3. Geek Robocook Zeta5 5L Electric Pressure Cooker

GEEK Robocook Electric cooker works on an advanced technology in cooking a fast spreading phenomena Worldwide. Based on the fundamentals of a cooker but improvised with 7 safety guards, Robocook delivers mess – free, efficient fast cooking. Preset menus controlled by microchips lets one enjoy favorite dishes with little manual intervention. Cooking process preserves the nutritional content in all the ingredients being cooked. Steam cook not just rice indulge in baking, stewing, sauting, frying, etc with versatile Geek Robocook.

About Geek Robocook Zeta5 5L Electric Pressure Cooker

  • Capacity: 5 L
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Included Components: Electric Pressure Cooker With Power Cord
  • Rice Scooper
  • Measuring Cup
  • Recipe Book
  • Special Features: Feather Touch Pre-set Menu

4. Master Aura Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Master prefect pressure cooker is the ideal cooker for fast and energy efficient cooking. This product is loaded with features and is on par with international standards. The stainless steel weight and vent tube assembly ensures durability.

The gasket release system ensures safety while cooking, the bakelite handle with flame guard ensures smooth handling, the anti bulging base with etrs prevents the master cooker from becoming concave and retains its flatness in the bottom and the etrs helps in faster cooking by creating more surface area on the bottom, the foodgrade rubber gasket makes cooking healthier, the lead free safety valve ensures that there is no contact of the food with poisonous lead content which is there in other pressure cookers.

About Master Aura Aluminium Pressure Cooker

  • Stainless Steel vent tube – long life
  • No chrome plating & No risk of Food contamination
  • Ergonomic user friendly handle for better and safe gripping
  • Don’t use Metal scrubber to clean outer part of cooker
  • No warranty on colour.
  • Lead free Vent tube and gasket release system.
  • 3 Liters Cooker with 2 Liters Pan
  • 5 Years of Product Warrany

5. Pigeon Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Pigeon induction base Aluminium inner lid Cooker is multi-top compatible. Therefore, it can be used on standard gas, induction, halogen, electric, and ceramic cooktops. The base of the cooker remains flat without bulging or becoming concave.

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This ergonomic cooker maintains its gleam without corroding, which is an indication of its durability. The cooker is easy to clean and simple to maintain. Prepare wholesome and nutritious meals for your loving family and friends

About Pigeon Aluminium Cooker

  • Made from High Grade Vargin Aluminium Conforming to IS 21:1992
  • Ergonomic User Friendly handle
  • Nitrile Gasket conforming to food grade standards
  • Precision Weight Valve
  • Metallic Safety Plug

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