Best Electric Water Kettle Price in India

Are you looking for best electric water kettle? If yes then you are in the right place. We have handpicked top-rated best-selling top electric water kettle price in india 2021, so you can compare and choose the best one for you. Which can help in kitchen.

Electric Water Kettle Price in India

Electric kettles are one of the best versatile things ever. Think of your daily routine, the need to brew tea, coffee, prepare noodles, boil eggs and then think of one machine that could do all for you and you will realize nothing beats electric kettle in this. Electric kettle becomes your best companion and comes along as the best piece of investment you ever do.

No.Products NameWarrantyPrice
1.Kent 16023 1500-Watt Electric Kettle1 YearCheck Price
2.La’ Forte MultiPurpose Cordless Electric Kettle1 YearCheck Price
3.Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 litre Kettle2 YearCheck Price
4.Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle1 YearCheck Price
5.Pigeon 1.5 Litre Electric kettle1 YearCheck Price
6.Russell Hobbs Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle2 YearCheck Price
7.Prestige Electric Kettle1 YearCheck Price
8.Orpat OEK-8147 1-Litre Cordless Kettle1 YearCheck Price
9.Bajaj KTX7 1-Litre Cordless Kettle2 YearCheck Price
10.AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle1 YearCheck Price

10 Best Electric Water Kettle Price

Here’s the list of the ten best electric kettles in India 2021 for you. Go on and find out the best picks of the market.

1. Kent 16023 1500-Watt Electric Kettle

Bring convenience on your kitchen counter with the amazing KENT Electric Glass Kettle. This 1.7L kettle is made of strong borosilicate glass body that easily withstand temperature changes and ensure better visibility. With the power of 1500W.

The kettle boils enough water for instant tea, coffee, or soup to serve 4-5 people at a time. The concealed heating plate with a stainless-steel cover is for better heat retention. Its auto shut-off feature offers protection against overheating and dry boiling.

Best Electric Water Kettle

Key Features of Kent 1500-Watt Electric Kettle

  • Borosilicate glass body
  • It absolutely safe to use
  • Auto switch-off for overheating
  • Light indicator for ‘switch-on’
  • Water level indicator
  • Input Power Supply: Single Phase 220V-240 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Capacity: 1.7 liters
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty
  • Power: 1500 watts

2. La’ Forte MultiPurpose Cordless Electric Kettle

It can be used to steam, boil water, cooking noodles/pasta/dumplings, hot pot, egg, boil soup/porridge/oatmeal and stew. Detachable Kettle, which is easy to carry around, you can keep the station at single location or move it as per your choice.

Best Electric Water Kettle

Key Features of La’ Forte MultiPurpose Cordless Electric Kettle

  • Double Wall Structure- Cool Touch
  • Comes with Food Steamer and Egg Boiler Tray

3. Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 litre Kettle

Havells, a trustworthy name in the world of electronics, brings in a range of kettles to make your mornings quite relaxing. Yes, with the Havells kettle range, you can make a perfect cup of tea or coffee without pushing yourself to the kitchen every morning. Available in different colors, styles, capacities and designs, a kettle might be a small appliance but it’s definitely the best when it comes to convenience, portability and of course, brewing! Electric kettle by Havells is certainly efficient.

If we talk about its performance. Moreover, you don’t need to have a gas cylinder for brewing a cup of tea or coffee. Its handiness makes it a preferred choice of hostellers, hoteliers, people in general, sick people who need to have boiled water at times, and people with infants who need hot water time and again. Certainly, an electric kettle is a rescue for many people with different needs.

Best Electric Water Kettle

Key Features of Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 litre Kettle

  • Auto shut off function
  • Integrated stainless steel function
  • 304 stainless steel interior with no plastic
  • Energy saving
  • Cool touch outer body with no scalding hazard
  • Wide mouth for ease filling
  • Pouring and cleaning

4. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle

Butterfly Water kettle comes with 1500 watts, one year warranty. It will be comfortable for your kitchen with SS body, elegant handle, lengthy cord, automatic cut off and light indicator. It will quickly heats and lasts the heat of the water for a long.

Prepare hot water, instant tea etc. in a matter of minutes with Butterfly EKN Kettle. With attractive features like automatic cut-off, ergonomically designed handles, unique designs with attractive finishes, lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry.

Best Electric Water Kettle

Key Features of Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Water Kettle

  • Superior quality Stainless Steel body
  • Filter Type : Spout
  • Auto cut off facility
  • Dry Boil Protection: Yes
  • 360 degree swirl base
  • Convenient grip
  • High quality thermostat control
  • Capacity: 1.5 liters
  • Cord Length : 1 meter
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts, 50-60Hz

5. Pigeon 1.5 Litre Electric kettle

It is a quick, efficient and convenient, 1.5 Litre Electric Kettle. It comes with a special elegant handle for a comfortable grip. This electric kettle gives you unmatched efficiency with its effortless functionality from a simple press button.

This helps you to get hot water or liquids at your desired temperature. The product is loaded with convenient features which are safe and effective along with style. Now enjoy any hot beverages whether it is green tea, black tea, a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate with Pigeon Amaze 1.5 Litre Electric Kettle.

Best Electric Water Kettle

Key Features of Pigeon 1.5 Litre Electric kettle

  • Classic Design
  • Cordless Pouring
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Easy Clean
  • Water Level Indicator: No

6. Russell Hobbs Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

We’re Russell Hobbs, we put you at the heart of everything we do, which gives us the insight to design things better. From kettles and irons to grills and food preparation, all our appliances offer stylish ways to make life easier. We design with real people in mind, for solutions that help make home life even more enjoyable. With Russell Hobbs Dome 1515 Electric Kettle – Enjoy safe and easy boiling.

Whether you are preparing tea or boiling water for your kin or kid, you need not to worry as Russell Hobbs Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Dome 1515 1500 Watt – 1.5 Litre comes with Food graded stainless steel material. Prepare cuppa of cups of tea or boil water any time anywhere in your office, home or bed room. This Electric Kettle’s automatic switch off feature enables you to do other stuffs parallely while Kettle is doing it’s job. With it’s Dry Boiling and Overheat Protection we have considered your safety on our top priority.

Best Electric Water Kettle

Key Features of Russell Hobbs Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

  • Warranty & Serviceability -2 Years
  • Food Graded Stainless Steel Material
  • 1500 Watt Power for Fast Boiling
  • 1.5 Litre Capacity offers optimum amount
  • Boil dry protection and auto-cut off
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the electric kettle. Do not wash the base of the kettle
  • Cool Touch Handle
  • Stainless Steel Filter Sieve
  • Single touch lid locking with safety lid lock
  • Steam sensor switch

7. Prestige Electric Kettle

Prepare hot water, instant tea etc., in a matter of minutes with prestige electric kettle. With smart features like automatic cut-off, single touch lid locking, beautifully designed ergonomical handle, elegant body etc., this glamorously designed electric kettle is a must have accessory for your modern kitchen.

Best Electric Water Kettle

Key Features of Prestige Electric Kettle

  • Power indicator light
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Troubleshooting guidelines
  • Product Dimensions: 19 cm* 18.5 cm * 21 cm
  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year

8. Orpat OEK-8147 1-Litre Cordless Kettle

Stainless steel body compact and easy to clean It’s cordless so very easy to handle , wires won’t stick around while operating it. If you want power not to cut off automatically while boiling eggs for example, keep lid open & keep stirring with spoon or keep wooden spoon on the top of open lid area to avoid spillage. Follow safety instructions mentioned in booklet provided in case of water spillage on base or power supplies, etc. The open design lends itself to easy washing.

Best Electric Water Kettle

Key Features of Orpat OEK-8147 1-Litre Cordless Kettle

  • 1.0 litre capacity
  • Brush finish stainless steel body
  • Convenient spout
  • Indicator light
  • Over heat and boil dry protection
  • Automatic cut-off
  • 360AA degree swivel base for ease of use
  • Concealed heating element
  • Wide mouth for easy to clean
  • Elegant handle with single touch lid locking
  • Wide mouth for cooking noodles and eggs
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

9. Bajaj Majesty New KTX7 1-Litre Cordless Kettle

If there is anything that should be declared as India’s national drink, it’s a hot cup of tea. This hot beverage cuts across all class, religion and social barriers to unite us over a hot cuppa. Monsoons are incomplete without a hot cup of tea spiked with spices to drive away the chill, so are parties where the gossip is as hot as the tea.

Bajaj Electric Kettles offer you a quick and efficient way to make tea or coffee wherever you may be. What’s more is that you can also use these marvellous devices to make soup, cuppa noodles or even boil pasta

Best Electric Water Kettle

Key Features of Bajaj Majesty New KTX7 1-Litre Cordless Kettle

  • Decorative rim
  • Cordless operation
  • Concealed element
  • Water level indicator. Neon Indicator:Yes
  • Capacity: 1 liter
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 1100 watts

10. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Address your morning tea needs or evening soup desires with the 1.7L AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle that is a perfect addition to your kitchen cabinet. Made from SUS304 stainless steel, this rust-resistant kettle boils water quickly due to its high 2200 wattage while using less energy due to the concealed heating element.

The plug and cable are BIS certified and takes care of your safety worries. This light-weight kettle is convenient to lift and carry around for easy serving. It comes with an on/off indicator that displays whether the kettle is powered on or off. This kettle also comes with a one-touch lid that is convenient for easy filling at the sink and pouring into cups.

Best Electric Water Kettle

Key Features of AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

  • Made from SUS304 stainless steel
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Steam sensor and auto-shutdown
  • Wide mouth facilitates easy cleaning
  • One-touch lid for easy filling and pouring
  • On/off indicator to show
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Cable length: 80 cm/31.49 inches
  • Capacity- 1.7L; Wattage: 2200 W
  • 1-year limited warranty

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Friends, Now you must know about best electric water kettle. And you will have no problem in choosing the best electric kettle for you. With these electric kettles you don’t need to go to and fro to the kitchen top and gas stove for mere task. Just simply put the water into the electric kettle and plug in the cord and then you’re good to go. You can buy and use it in your kitchen.

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