Screen recording in iphone

Recording screen activity on your iPhone is a great way to capture any and all user input while you are using your phone. By doing this, you can create a video of what was happening on your phone at the time of the recording. This can be incredibly helpful if you need to document an issue with your phone or just want to capture how you use your phone. There are a few ways to record screen activity on your iPhone. We’ll outline each one below and tell you how to use them.

What is screen recording in iPhone?

Screen recording in iPhone allows you to record your screen activity and save it as a video file. You can use this feature to create a video of your iPhone’s screen, complete with sound, for example when you are demonstrating a procedure or tutorial. Screen recording is also great for making videos of yourself using your iPhone’s camera and microphone.

How to start screen recording in iPhone?

There are a few different ways that you can start recording your iPhone screen.

The first is to go to the “Settings” app on your phone and hit on “General.” Here, you’ll see a section called “Photos and Camera.” Scroll down until you see “Screen Recording” and tap on it.

Now, you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can start recording or stop recording. If you want to keep the video going after the fact, just drag the red line across the top of the screen to continue recording.

To stop recording, just release your finger from the icon. You can also disable screen recording by going back to “Settings” and hitting on “General.” Under “Photos and Camera,” scroll down until you see “Screen Recording” again, then tap on it and uncheck the box next to “Enable Screen Recording.”

How to stop screen recording in iPhone?

If you want to stop screen recording on your iPhone, there are a few ways to do it. You can disable the function in the Camera app or use one of the available third-party applications.

1. Disable Screen Recording in the Camera App
One way to disable screen recording is to open the Camera app and tap on the Record button (or press Command + R). This will switch on screen recording, but you won’t be able to start or stop it using these buttons. Instead, you’ll need to use one of the other methods below.

2. Use a Third-Party Application for Screen Recording
If you want to stop screen recording without disabling it in the Camera app, there are a few third-party applications available that you can use. One example is RecoVR Pro, which has a dedicated button for screen recording. It’s available for free from the App Store and offers some features that are unavailable in the Camera app, such as ability to control white balance and exposure settings.

What are the benefits of screen recording in iPhone?

If you’re like most people, you probably rely on your iPhone to help get things done. Whether you’re a student needing to take notes during class, a working mom trying to keep track of the kids while shectic schedules unfold, or just someone who likes to capture quick video clips for future use, your iPhone is an essential tool. But what if you need to take notes during a meeting or record a quick video clip of your kids? How could screen recording be of any help? Let’s explore the benefits of screen recording in iPhone and see just how it can come in handy.

Screen recording is great for capturing multiple videos at once. You can easily create a short video clip of what’s going on in front of you by dragging and dropping items into the timeline. This makes it super easy to grab important footage while you’re taking a meeting or managing a chaotic home scene. In addition, screen recordings are automatically saved as MP4s so that you can easily share them with others. All you need is an iOS device and an internet connection (although some features require an Apple Watch).

Screen recording also comes in handy for creating quick tutorials. If there’s something you always seem to forget or need help understanding, screen recording can be a great way to document everything step by step so that everyone can learn from the same source. Additionally, if you have trouble remembering specific steps or instructions, screen recordings are perfect for grabbing those moments and saving them for later use!


Screen recording is a great way to capture your iPhone’s screen and create a video of what you’re doing. Not only can you use this information to help with your own learning, but you could also share it with others as a demonstration of how to do something specific.

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